MacKinney Systems, Inc.


We're paying too much for our current product--how do we get our data into Easy Help?


The answer to this question depends on where your data is now and to some extent, how much of it there is. The batch update facility of Easy Help can be used to import data extracted from your current help product.  This requires some massaging of the data to convert it from the old system to Easy Help. 

Typically, you would export or unload your data from the old system and run a conversion program to convert it into Easy Help's batch update format. This can be done by your own staff, or contracted to MacKinney Systems. There is one conversion utility supplied for one of the well-known, more expensive help system vendor. If there is not an overwhelming amount of data to migrate, it could be less expensive to hire some temporary help to re-key (possibly using cut/paste) the data from the old system into Easy Help.