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JSF-Job and Syslog Facility

Archive Sysout and Syslogs

Job and Syslog Facility is a syslog and sysout archival and retrieval product for z/OS JES2 and ISPF. The JSF started task archives JES2 output based on your specified output classes or destinations. Output matching your criteria is archived to the JSF database for viewing or other processing within ISPF. In JSF ISPF your archived jobs, reports, JCL or syslogs can be viewed, searched, printed, copied or scanned. Older output is moved from the online database to offline backups after your desired number of days, but can easily be restored via an ISPF request.

Are you currently...

  • Wasting paper printing reports, JCL and SYSLOG listings?
  • Dedicating your best production personnel to manually checking JCL for abends and condition codes?
  • Finding it difficult to track problems because you are missing reports, JCL or SYSLOG listings?
  • Dedicating large amounts of JES spool for reports, JCL and SYSLOG listings?
  • Tired of spending valuable time and dollars attempting to manage reports, JCL and SYSLOG?
  • Tired of hunting for and rerunning jobs for lost reports, JCL and SYSLOG?
  • Tired of waiting for printouts because the printers are busy?
  • Unable to determine which jobs and applications are the problem spots?

The JSF system can solve these problems in addition to many others.



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