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Customer Testimonies

"MAPR II is so widely used by the application group that when the temp license expired briefly (that was before we got the permanent one), they were on me. They said they had developed many map programs with it during those 30 days and wanted no other product but it."
~ Dolph Dickson, System Programmer, Caddo Public Schools


Create CICS maps fast

MAPR II is a CICS map development product that allows screens to be designed online in CICS using an intuitive full-screen editor. Full length COBOL, PL/I, and Assembler language field names and Basic Mapping Support (BMS) field attributes can be added on the Field Definition screen. Horizontal, vertical, and/or two-dimensional arrays can be defined on the Array Definition screen.

Other online MAPR II facilities include a Test function for individual maps and a Demo System for a series of related maps that allows programmers to test, prototype, and demonstrate their maps online before assembling them. Batch programs are used to generate load modules and COBOL, PL/I or Assembler copybooks for your maps. Another batch job can be used to convert BMS source macros from products such as SDF-II, BMS/TS, and BMS/GT to our CICS/MAPR II VSAM file.