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CICS/Response Time Monitor

Track response times

  • Monitor all terminal response times and isolate those transactions which need attention.
  • Virtually no overhead. CICS/Response Time Monitor uses its own data collection technique. CICS RTM does not use the CICS monitoring facility.
  • Great as a stand-alone or as a complement to your existing CICS monitor.
  • Online displays of terminal transactions showing time-of-day, response time, terminal ID, transaction ID, and operator ID.
  • Online displays of average response time graphically displayed for user specified intervals.
  • Online displays of terminal transactions that have exceeded user specified thresholds.
  • Online or console notification when user specified exception events are detected.
  • Automatically LOGS all CICS terminal transactions.
  • Menu and PF key driven with HELP screens throughout CICS/Response Time Monitor.


Comprehensive batch reports

  • Detail Report listing individual response times by terminal, transaction, operator, start time and day, and end time and day. CICS/Response Time Monitor sorts the reports by terminal, transaction, operator, or response time.
  • Summary Report listing the average response time and number of transactions for each terminal and/or transaction and/or operator ID. Can be specified to sort in any order with multi-level control breaks.
  • TOP 5O Report listing the TOP 50 terminals, TRANs or OPIDs with the highest average response time.
  • TOP 50 Report listing the TOP 50 terminals, transactions, or operators with the highest number of transactions.
  • Average Response Time graphically listing the average response time for your CICS for each hour, for each day, or for each month.