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On Line File Utility

CICS file display and edit

Online File Utility(OLFU) allows programmers access to records on any CICS-defined file.

Online File Utility features include:

  • Allowing lookup and update of records on any VSAM (KSDS, ESDS, RRDS) or ISAM file
  • Displaying records in both character and hexadecimal format
  • Looking up records by KEY, RBA, or Relative Record Number
  • Updating, Adding, Replacing, Deleting and Browsing records
  • Browsing forward (VSAM and ISAM) or backwards (VSAM)
  • Scanning for records matching up to five user-defined parameters
  • Scanning for records containing a character string anywhere within the record (for example, 'JONES' between positions 1 and 100)
  • Providing security routines to protect selected files from lookup or update or limiting CICS/Online File Utility to specified terminals
  • Audit trails of updates processed by CICS/Online File Utility
  • Extensive Help screens
  • Simultaneously editing 2 files by switching between CICS/Online File Utility sessions
  • Optional copybook name displays and searches
  • TIPS command shows hints for users

CICS Onnline Temporary Storage Queue Lookup (OLTL) and CICS On Line Temporary Storage Queue Update (OLTU) provides lookup and access to Temp Storage Queues.

  • Uses powerful generic seaches to list matching TS Queues
  • Uses same look-and-feel displays and features as OLFU


When would you use On Line File Utility?

  • For creating test input. Online File Utility allows programmers to easily create each condition to test. Test programs more thoroughly and in less time.
  • For checking test results. Programmers can immediately check each record their test condition updated.
  • For correcting files with problems. The SCAN function is handy for finding the records needing correction.
  • For trouble shooting. Quickly access any file defined to CICS to investigate problems.
  • For quick response to minor requests from users.