MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Released On: 05/26/2000

  • Identify the user program with PARM data on the EXEC statement in place of an XRAYIN DD statement (MVS) or SYSIPT (VSE).
  • Adds a new GROUP command to display a COBOL data structure and all sub-items within it. May alter values by over-typing displayed information. Hexadecimal display/change of values supported..
  • Adds instructions for monitoring DB2 programs to the User Guide (MVS).
  • Introduces two new variations of the target command (T24 and T31) to specify whether the address being targeted is a 24 or 31-bit address. Permits display of 24-bit addresses from a word containing a non-zero high byte when in 31-bit mode and the display of 31-bit addresses when in 24-bit mode.
  • Updated User Manual with details of TOP and BOTtom commands
  • Permits update of the control file rather than recreation when a new system password is required.
  • Allows source file deletion criteria to be specified as number of days when using the batch utility TRCKSMNT. This permits repeated use of the same deletion jobstream.
  • Improves session clean-up for LU 6.2 sessions ensuring the session is available for another batch connection.