MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Released On: 04/28/2004

  • Keep item enhancements:
    • Retains KEEP items across executions of the program.
    • Displays data on separate line if the text used to define the item exceeds 19 characters.
    • Delete keep items by positioning the cursor and hitting PF5.
    • Allows Keep items to contain more complex variable definitions.
    • Set Keep items by positioning the cursor on the STOP source display and pressing PF6.
    • Set Keep items by positioning the cursor on the Group display and pressing PF6
  • Introduces an optional session file to save halt and keep item definitions in order to retain them across sessions. If the file exists all monitor definitions are written to the file and restored when the program is next tested under XRAY.
  • Restores halts as un-initialized until the program to which they relate is executed and appear in yellow rather than green on displays.
  • Controls the initial presentation of various displays with a new User Preferences menu option. The capabilities provided under this option will be further enhanced in a subsequent version of the product.
  • Displays data in dump format with hex offsets or decimal format with decimal offsets. Decimal display format offset values are decimal numbers. Indicate hexadecimal values using the notation Xnnn or Hnnn.
  • Displays the whole of working storage by type G or WS in the command field.
  • Allows the ZOOM feature on source displays when the working storage section of a COBOL program is displayed. Use LEFT and RIGHT function keys to position the displayed source.
  • Provides an indirect display of data via storage displays by positioning the cursor and pressing the ZOOM key.
  • Halts on return to the calling module if a called module is stepped into and the PF12 used to continue. This also happens if an unexpected halt occurs in a called module. Note: Link data must be available for the program.
  • Improves variable processing Handles more levels of indirection on PL/1 based variables and to permit subscripts to also be based.
  • Displays bit variables in bit format.
    Displays COBOL index variables as a logical value as well as an offset.
  • Issues new message to report when the system detects the link data on the source file doesn't match the executable phase.
  • Improves source processor storage management to cause storage to be acquired incrementally. For VSE systems this requires a JCL change to specify SIZE=AUTO instead of SIZE=(AUTO,nnK) as storage is now acquired from the Getvis area.
  • Adds a new command UFIND to permit a backward string search from the current source statement or from the currently displayed offset of a storage area.