MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Released On: 05/06/2000

  • Adds ability to associate halt points with user id by default rather than terminal id. Permits halts to be honored at any terminal id to which a particular user signs on.
  • Adds a new GROUP command to display a COBOL data structure and all sub-items within it. May alter values by over-typing displayed information. Hexadecimal display/change of values supported..
  • Adds two new values for the halt offset value when setting halt points; ENTRY to cause a halt when a program is entered and EXIT to cause a halt on exit from a program.
  • Allows permanent or temporary global halt points. Permanent halts are applied to all transactions where the program, terminal and task criteria specified with the halt point are fulfilled. Temporary global halts are applied for the current transaction only.
  • Displays halt points set at all monitored levels within a transaction. Thus if the currently monitored program is at the third link level, halts will be shown for levels one and two if the programs at that level are monitored. Halts may be manipulated for the higher level programs.
  • Introduces two new variations of the target command (T24 and T31) to specify whether the address being targeted is a 24 or 31-bit address. Permits display of 24-bit addresses from a word containing a non-zero high byte when in 31-bit mode and the display of 31-bit addresses when in 24-bit mode.
  • Updated User Manual with details of TOP and BOTtom commands.
  • Adds a call format of 'E' (external) to the routine definition screen for programs not defined to CICS but which are loaded into the CICS partition/region using a LOAD macro. Added same definition option to the Track default control table.
  • Changes the Track Administration system as follows:
    • Allows up to four ids in the System Maint User Id field to permit system administration by multiple users.
    • Adds the Halt Basis field to enable halts to be defined as either terminal related or user related.
    • Adds the Halt at Program Entry field to define an automatic halt on entry to any program monitored by Track.
    • Adds the Flow Table Size field that enables the number of entries allocated for the flow table to vary.
    • Adds the Show Data Window field to control if the data window is routinely displayed on the STOP screen.
    • Removes all database specification fields. Database information where required can only be provided via the batch security file initiation program.
  • Sets non-zero return code if errors are detected in the security file initiation program Adds new parameters HALTBASIS, ENTRYHALT, FLOWCOUNT, WINDOWFORMAT, SHOWWINDOW.
  • Allows source file deletion criteria to be specified as number of days when using the batch utility TRCKSMNT. Permits repeated use of the same deletion jobstream.
  • Displays Track start-up failure messages on the terminal as well as the system console if Track was started from a terminal.