MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Released On: 05/30/2002

  • Adds KEEP command and display. Allows for definition of a list of variables to display at each program stop point.
  • Adds a MONITOR pfkey on the Program Source List (1.2) and the Program Structure List (2.2) displays to set a halt at the entry point of the program.
  • Adds a column hex format (similar to DITTO) for viewing records from a file or items from a TS queue. Uses a PF key to switch between this format and the standard dump format view.
  • Improves handling of multi-CSECT Assembler programs. Enables halts to be set in any program CSECT via the source display. Name primary un-named CSECTs via PARM information supplied to the source processor.
  • Permits the use of hexadecimal transaction ids.
  • Improves separate terminal debugging to use generic names for the debugged terminal id, allowing multiple relationships with a single definition.
  • Corrects a problem with COBOL LENGTH OF statements.
  • Supports MVS TS 1.1 thru TS 1.3 and VSE TS 1.1.
  • Improved Datacom support.