MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Released On: 09/22/2006

  • TRACK V6.7 is now available for use in the following environments:
    DOS/VSE, z/VSE - CICS 1.7, CICS 2.1 - 2.3, TS 1.1
    OS/390, z/OS  - CICS 1.7 - CICS 4.1, TS 1.1 - 3.1
  • 64-bit instruction set and addressing:  Full support for the 64-bit instruction set is incorporated together with the ability to reference and display data held in 64-bit storage.
  • Improved COBOL support:  Variables are now displayed on the stop display for additional COBOL verbs e.g. CALL.
  • New versions of the Enterprise COBOL compiler are fully supported including the use of the CICS compiler option resulting in the use of implied variable definitions.
  • Improved PL/1 support: I PL/1 support has been improved so that the variables acted on by the current statement are displayed in a data window on the Stop display.
  • New versions of the Enterprise PL/1 compiler are fully supported.
  • Group command enhancement:  The data type of the items displayed on a Group display is now shown at the right hand end of the display.
  • PF key changes: The text displayed next to PF key assignments has been shortened to permit more keys to be displayed on the PF key line.
  • Each user can now customize the keys that will be used for the various key related commands. This permits the association of a single key to a command rather than a pair of keys as at present.
  • Halt Points: The scope of halt points has been extended. Halt points can now be set that relate to a group of terminal or transactions ids.
  • Remote files:  The file display facility has been enhanced to permit the display and changing of records on Remote files. Any display and/or changes is subject to the user having the authority to access the particular file.
  • Scroll commands:  Additional scroll commands, Up, Down, Backward and Forward have been introduced and standardized across all displays to permit more flexible scrolling through source and data displays.
  • New Short Cut format: A new short cut format 'TRAC pgmname' permits the establishment of monitoring for a program with a halt at the program entry eliminating the need to use the formatted TRACK displays to set up monitoring.
  • Change logging:  A system administrator can define the transient data destinations to which storage area changes, file record changes and temporary storage queue entry changes are logged. This facility also permits the suppression of some or all change logging.
  • Source management: The source processor has changed to accept a PARM parameter to permit multiple copies of the source and link data for the same program to be held on the source file. The source processor also performs more precise checks on the compiler options selected to ensure they are adequate to permit extraction of information needed by TRACK.
  • The source processor will also issue warning messages and terminate with a return code of 4 when certain sections of the listing cannot be detected.
  • The source file maintenance program will copy and delete multiple versions of source data.
  • During debugging, TRACK will select the version of source and link data that matches the version of the program in use.
  • Shared Storage Freemain: A new shared storage freemain halt is introduced to indicate when a program attempts to release an area of shared storage permitting the programmer to verify that the freemain is valid before permitting or denying the freemain request.
  • Register display: The register display command now displays one register per line identifying the register number in each case. The display automatically switches from 32 bit to 64-bit after the use of any 64-bit instruction.
  • Cancel command:  The CANCEL command can now be abbreviated to CAN to cancel a transaction.