MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Released On: 04/18/2014

DTEC V4.1 is now available for use in the following environments:-

  • VSE/ESA, z/VSE - CICS 1.7 - 2.3, CICS TS 1.1
  • OS/390, z/OS - CICS 4.1, CICS TS 1.1 - 5.1

As well as consolidating fixes for all known problems, version 4.1 incorporates the following enhancements:

Cursor Selection

Because a function can now be selected from a menu by positioning the cursor and pressing the enter key (click and enter for most session emulators or double click on some emulators) the ZOOM key has now been removed from all menu displays to free up the allocated key for other uses.

The click and enter technique should now be used whenever selecting an item from a list e.g. source and link directories, link map to select a module for source display.

One important use of this technique is on the source display where positioning the cursor over a variable name and pressing enter will display the current value of the variable in a data window.

Positioning the cursor over a command name in the PF key area and pressing enter causes the action associated with the command to be performed.

Item tagging

A new tag command has been assigned to a PF key to enable items to be added to a tagged item list. For a source display, the cursor must be positioned on the name of the variable to be added to the list before pressing the tag key. In other cases pressing the tag key adds an entry for the current display command and offset.

Typing TAG in the command field displays the list of currently tagged items showing part or all of the item value. A full display of any item may be made by positioning the cursor to the desired item and pressing the enter key.

Group command

The Group command now permits the use of variable names in group item subscripts.

Repeat Find Command

The Repeat Find command can now be typed in the command field as RF to cater for the situation where the command is not available via a function key.

Source Processor

The source processor has been completely revised and restructured to improve reliability and maintainability.