MacKinney Systems, Inc.

CICS Task Record (CTR) vastly increases the productivity and efficiency of your CICS development team.  It provides the application developer with information that cannot be obtained by any of the known CICS monitors or debuggers.  

  • Speeds up software development and debugging time.
  • Speeds up the learning process of existing applications written by developers who are no longer with the company.
  • Speeds up an understanding of production problems and bug detection.
  • Reduces to nothing the time it takes to figure out dead-lock situations.
  • Reduces to nothing the time it takes to understand when and why a particular program variable received some unexpected value.
  • Helps create software documentation.
  • Finds bottlenecks and pinpoints code fragments responsible for slow response time.

With CTR, there are no surprises and no question marks regarding what exactly your transactions are doing. CTR shows you what’s going on in your code, which programs call or link to a particular program, and who accesses a specific file. You won’t need a slow step-by-step debugger to track task activity. Simply run your tasks normally, without CEDF and breakpoints, and let CTR show you the complete sequence of events, working-storage variables, program parameters, records that had been read or written, and data that had been sent. CTR increases the reliability of the change management process and the accuracy of Quality Assurance tests. The product should serve as an integral step during the deployment of application changes. Developers and quality assurance professionals should record their transactions before and after the change and then use CTR’s Diff tool to compare the program execution flow of the two versions. This comparison ensures that the program event list changes are precisely what we expected. 

CTR can also serve as a full-scale activity logger for sensitive transactions.