MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Summary of Changes for MacKinney Batch to CICS 2.1

  • New RLS commands (20) 
  • New CLOD and CLDG commands to force disable file option on close regardless of CLOSDIS setting
  • New Startup Commands feature to process MBC commands during CICS startup
  • New ability to start a transaction with USERID
  • New batch utilities (MBCBSTAT and MBCBCSTS) give you greater control over BATSTAT and BATCSTS files
  • New query command options (New Query options for TCPIPSERVICE, DOCTEMPLATE, URIMAP (z/OS only))
  • New user exit to customize MBC WTO messages
  • Status Tracking and command support for new TCPIP Services Resource Item type
  • New STSD command to delete inactive Resource Items from BATCSTS

The new release of MBC unveils some exciting new RLS commands including the ability to:

  • QUIESCE and UNQUIESCE primary and secondary DSN resources
  • Change Quiesced RLS resources to read-only
  • Change Unquiesced RLS resources back to update
  • Separate the Return Code value when using RLS1GRP automatic propagation 


MacKinney Batch to CICS