MacKinney Systems, Inc.

NEW! MacKinney Batch to CICS 2.0 demo

New Resource items let you define primary and secondary Datasets, making it easier to facilitate batch processing without downtime and share your CSD across multiple regions. And a new Startup Manager lets you choose the resources and their initial status depending on the startup type, COLD (or INITIAL) and AUTO.

  • Support for new Startup Manager
  • Added support for new Resource Items including Startup Manager options
  • Pushed optional Status Tracking from batch to CICS
  • New file BATCSTS to support Status Tracking from within CICS
  • New online Status Tracking administration programs
  • Shared Resource Items allows sharing definitions across Applids
  • RLS commands to support change from Update to Query and back after QUIESCE and UNQUIECE
  • New CEDACMD option to prevent CEDA and CDAL commands
  • New LNKL and STRL commands allow passing up to 320 bytes to LINK and START functions
  • New STSR and STSG commands to support Status Tracking from with CICS
  • MBCBCUTL now allows INIT functions for all Installation Options
  • DSN edit for RLS commands
  • Added START MBCP option to launch applications requiring RECEIVE data
  • New ERRWARN option to allow optional RC value for warning conditions
  • New TRKNONFI option to optionally allow tracking programs, transactions and TDQs
  • Many more minor changes and fixes