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Allow up to 8 transactions at the same terminal

Are your end-users asking for more sessions? Do you need a way for your users to toggle between two or more applications without ending one first? CICS/Swap can help.

CICS/Swap is a facility allowing a single CICS terminal to function as up to eight logical terminals with each one running the same or different transaction. 

Each terminal or user can have a unique maximum session value. Navigation between the sessions is accomplished by pressing the designated SWAP (PF/PA) key to rotate forward or backward one session at a time. You can also press the Select (PF/PA) key or type in the "SWAP" transaction to bring up the Selection Screen, from where you can directly select a session or open a new session. From the Selection Screen you can also hide low-priority sessions to make navigation between “hot” sessions easier or you can close unused sessions. SWAP keys are ignored if SWAP OFF is set for a terminal. Users can open up a specific number of sessions and override the default PF/PA keys by issuing the SWAP ON command with specific override parameters. The SWAP and Select keys can be set per user and per application.

CICS/Swap is especially helpful for DATA ENTRY screens where information from another transaction is needed to complete the current input screen. The operator can open a new session, enter the new transaction, find the needed information, and then return to the original session without leaving the terminal or having to back out of the DATA ENTRY screen. 

CICS/Swap can also save time by not having to logon/logoff to exit applications. CICS/Swap is helpful in any situation where the operator needs more than one session. 



  • Allows up to eight logical CICS sessions each running its own transaction
  • Eliminates the wasted transactions required to back out and get back in an application
  • Allows more than one CICS user to share a terminal
  • Saves your place when you are interrupted to complete a different task
  • Allows you to get information from other screens to complete a DATA entry screen
  • Pre-defined profiles allow you to define transactions the user will see when toggling


Programmers and system personnel will like CICS/Swap for testing. They can turn CEDF on in the middle of a transaction without using two terminals. This can save valuable time if you are testing a transaction that goes through multiple screens. NOTE: Conversational tasks such CEMT, CECI, CEDA can be invoked in any session, although they must be ended before swapping to a new session.

CICS/Swap runs on all CICS releases under VSE or z/OS.