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"Out of all the software dollars we've ever spent, the (CICS/Fax) server has been the best return we've ever had. It has been a lifesaver for our customer service. ... We put it in, and it just works!"
~ Mike Menapace, Ergon Inc.


Send fax from terminal or program

Fax PC Server allows you to distribute data via fax, Email message, FTP, or by copying a file to a drive connected to the CICS/Fax server (local or network drive). Email messages and files created via FTP uploads or files copied to network folders can be in plain text, Rich Text Format (RTF), and TIF (graphics) format.

The CFax server was designed to accept message data from MacKinney Systems eSendIT product for z/OS or z/VSE. But CICS/Fax can also be used without eSendIT if your own applications want to create a file containing the message data and routing information and copy it into a specified folder on the CICS/Fax server.

Beginning with release 4.0, CICS/Fax was redesigned to provide more information concerning the operation and status of processed messages. The routing information and the processing messages generated by the server are stored in database tables that can be accessed from the CICS/Fax server programs or other applications like Microsoft Excel and Word.

Special Configuration Requirements:

  • A dedicated Pentium 1ghz or higher PC with 1gb memory
  • Windows XP Professional
    (currently testing Windows 7 - contact us for more information)
  • For connection to eSendIT, TCP/IP on the mainframe
  • For faxing, one of the following modems for each fax line:
    • MultiTech MT9234ZBA-USB modem (single line, external modem)
    • MainPine IQ Express modem (1- 2- 4- or 8-line version, internal card)
    • Digi Acceleport RAS (4- or 8-line version, internal card)
    • 3Com Sportster 56K (single line, external COM port modem)
  • A TCP/IP connection between the CICS/Fax server and an SMTP-compliant Email server is required for sending Email
  • For the file creation option from eSendIT, the destination folders must be network-accessible from the Fax server